Colored and #2 Pencils + Inkjet Print on Facial Tissues

Suite of 8 prints

8" x 8" (Each Print)

I began my research for the work that would feature in my first solo show with a question: how can I make marks on facial tissue without tearing it? Finding an answer led me through the worlds of papermaking, drawing and digital printmaking.


To begin, my friend, Serena Hocharoen, and my mentor, Lee Running, showed me how to wet sheets of tissue and flatten them in a restraint dryer. The dry sheets had a coloured ground and a digitally-manipulated shape of a Bird of Paradise flower printed on them with an inkjet printer. Each tissue was then placed on a sheet of laser-engraved MDF, and a rubbing of the underlying texture was carefully made using coloured and #2 pencils.


The courteous gesture of giving someone a handkerchief or tissue to console them was the starting point for these prints.

Keeping with this spirit of courtesy, I wanted each step in the process of making these 8 offerings to the viewer to be meticulous and respectful to the material.