Petroleum Jelly, Turmeric Dye, and Milk Powder

17" x 17"

This print uses pattern to construct a portrait of my friend, the artist Serena Hocharoen.


The piece began with Serena breathing through her mouth on a screenprinting transparency for 10 minutes. Her breath created a mark that was the foundation for this print. The mark was scanned and digitally measured, and from it I drew a square and a circle, each equal in area to Serena's breathmark.


These two shapes lie at the heart of the all-over pattern that covers the paper and the acrylic. The print on the paper was achieved with a turmeric dye and a screenprinted petroleum jelly resist, while the part of the pattern that extends onto the acrylic is a screenprinted mix of petroleum jelly and milk powder.


These curative materials - milk, turmeric, petroleum jelly - each with a different association to the mouth, construct a portrait that reflects on the centrality of breath to the system of life, through the act of repetition inherent to the language of pattern and the process of breathing.