2019 - Live Action Film - 12:55 minutes


"To whom much is given, much will be taken"

THE KISSING is a black-and-white fiction film centered around the Kisser, a mysterious figure whose sole purpose is to help heal those affected by the Plague.


Talismans belonging to the Affected are collected and given to the Kisser, who kisses each object and sends it back to the Affected, thereby providing a temporary cure.


The Kisser sits in a sea of shadow and kisses talismans for days on end, until a special talisman unexpectedly falls in The Kisser’s hand.


This talisman will have the Kisser break the ritual of the Kissing, and it will force the Kisser to make an impossible choice.

The Kisser's Theme

"The Hungry Ghost" by I Think I Can Help You


Sound Effects

 Zapsplat.com, Youtube Audio Library

Stock Footage


Inspired by

"The giver (for Berdis)" by James Baldwin

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Kisser Eyes.png
Kisser Wide.png
Kisser Reverse.png