Assorted Flora from CERA, Wire Armature

3.5' x 4'

This award-winning sculpture is a collaboration with my friend, the artist Sarah Hubbard.


It is made from handpicked prairie grass from Conard Environmental Research Area (CERA) - a 365-acre field station in Grinnell, Iowa that is used for research and recreation.


While walking through CERA, Sarah was struck with the desire to both widely explore and closely know the land that surrounded her. This desire informed not only the form of the work, but also the process used to create it; we learned about the prairie directly through our hands while making these wings that are a metaphor for unhindered exploration.


"With Winged Words" shelters the viewer in the golden grass that enveloped us in the prairie at CERA, and it brings the prairie in contact with the viewer's body, allowing them too to learn through touch.